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TWITTER – An Excellent Tool for Getting Connected and Networking

October 14, 2009


To get connected will take only a few minutes:
    • go to,
    • get your own FREE account and page (you only need a screen name), and
    • use “Find People” to find  AFutureWOWar and click on the “Follow” button.

You’re done! You will see our latest posts immediately on your page.


The raison d’être of A Future Without War is to explain, using evolutionary biology, why we make war and what will be required to abolish it. 

AFWW Logo - 9 Cornerstones

AFWW Logo - 9 Cornerstones

Such a massive paradigm shift, arguably as huge as the Agricultural Revolution, will require what is best described as massively distributed collaboration by millions of people and organizations.

Even if everyone were to agree that the cause of ending war is worthy, long overdue, and the only sane way for us to proceed into the future, how can we possibly unite so many?

This is the greatest challenge for AFWW: to convince masses of us that abolishing war is possible, that it’s worth the effort it will take, and then unite us into concerted and focused action.

As part of our efforts at connectivity and unity, AFWW is now on Twitter in two places.  We invite you to “follow” us at AFutureWOWar.

twitter-logoThe more people we can attract to follow us, the more connected we can be. And if we can ultimately attract a great many followers, we may also attract media attention to the concept that ending war is possible.

By following AFWW, something that will take you only moments to set up, you help us reach out to the greater community with our message. There is power in numbers. By joining us you will encourage others to believe that this vision is possible.


One of Twitter’s great virtues, from our perspective, is that posts are limited to 140 characters. CHARACTERS, not words. This means:
     1. When you receive the latest input from people or organizations you’ve chosen to “follow,” they will have digested it down into a short summary/bite. You learn what they are doing that they consider important right now. Also, frequently they provide an info bite and then link to further information….information that you can pursue further if interested or simply ignore. In other words, Twitter posts are a great source of information input in efficiently digested form.
     2. When you (or AFWW) make a post, and you may indeed wish to start posting yourself, you need only come up with 140 characters and perhaps a link to keep all who choose to “follow” you current. 140 characters is a very small burden of time and thought, much less than an essay or blog or newsletter. And yet it allows you (and us) to let many people, as many as choose to follow, know what’s important or worthwhile at the moment.

When you get a Twitter account, which is FREE and quite easy to do, you will have your own page. You can do nothing further if you choose, and simply check in now and then to see what’s new with us.
You may choose to make your own posts, and see who will choose to “follow” you. You can follow other organizations and individuals besides AFWW. You might, for example, also follow Peace X Peace, or Veterans for Peace, Al Gore, Joan Baez, or Harrison Ford. Any favorite personality who is Twittering.

We live in busy times, we have busy lives. You may not want to check your Twitter page every day, or even every week or month….maybe never….but then again, you may find that it’s a wonderful source of quick information and fun.