Judith HandA Future Without War is built from the biological perspective of DR. JUDITH L. HAND. Unlike many who share her vision for a warless future but see the primary driving force for change in education, religion, moral persuasion or altruism, Dr. Hand’s view is that the primary driving force behind this great shift in our social organization will be enlightened, but selfish, self-interest.

Dr. Hand earned her Ph.D. in biology from UCLA. Her studies included animal behavior and primatology. After completing a Smithsonian Post-doctoral Fellowship at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., she returned to UCLA as a research associate and lecturer. Her undergraduate major was in cultural anthropology. She worked as a technician in neurophysiology laboratories at UCLA and the Max Planck Institute, in Munich, Germany. As a student of animal communication, she has written scientific papers on the subject of social conflict resolution. Her most recent work on social conflict, Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace, addresses the biological differences between women and men with respect to aggression, and specifically with respect to warfare.

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