Film Launch – “No More War”

September 21, 2011

20 September 2011

Film by J. Hand - No More War: the Human Potential for Peace

Today, the 21st of September, is the International Day of Peace. My contribution to the cause this year is to create a film of my 55 minute lecture “No More War: the Human Potential for Peace.” and launch it yesterday at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice in San Diego.

I invite you to check out the trailer on the AFWW website or on YouTube.

Sarah Hrdy

The filmpresents a compelling argument that if we chose to do it, we can achieve what no people before us could: a future without war. From the work of the anthropologist Sarah Hrdy, it explores cutting edge hypotheses on the origins of cooperation, altruism and empathy.

Frans de Waal

Using the work of the primatologist Frans de Waal it explores the origins of a sense of fairness and morality.

Douglas P. Fry

From the work of the anthropologist Douglas Fry on simple and complex hunter-gatherers it explores the possible origins of war.

Judith Hand

From her own work on the biology of war the film considers why men and women, in general, differ when it comes to using physical aggression to resolve conflicts, including the conflict that is war. A proposal is offered that the time is right for us to mount a global, social transformation movement to abolish war and reasons are given for why we can, at this time, embrace the goal of ending war with confidence. Why participation of women as full partners with men in decision-making positions is a necessary condition, not an option, is stressed.

Mohandas Gandhi

Two complementary elements of a nonviolence campaign to end war that are derived from the efforts of the famous nonviolent social transformer Mohandas Gandhi are introduced: Constructive Program and Obstructive Program. For Gandhi, Constructive Program was to teach Indian villagers how to be self reliant and independent and to work to eliminate the worst aspects of the caste system. His Obstructive Program involved the use of nonviolent civil disobedience.

Suggestions are offered for ways viewers can be involved in this great cause.  The website also offers the opportunity to purchase a digital download of the full film ($ 5.95 USD).

We can end war. The fist step, the crucial step, is to decide to do it.

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