Locked in the Embrace of Male Biology: A Barrier to Positive Paradigm Shift

October 6, 2009

Arm WrestlingRecently, in an exchange with a talk show host who is a freethinker, the subject of paradigm shift came up. The host is an advocate of Libertarianism, a good man who envisions a future for our species much like that envisioned by AFWW: egalitarian, just, less violent, ecologically sustainable, and free of war. He sees us trapped in endless cycles of war, polluting and denuding our environment at a perilous rate, and challenged by the juggernaut of global warming. In other words, like most well-read and broadly-informed people, he sees the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

When questioned by me about whether or not he used his voice, via his radio program and interviews with experts, to encourage the global empowerment of women as rapidly as possible in order to achieve his vision, his response was, No. “Unless we change the current capitalist system, adding more women to government won’t make any difference.”

 Ah, I thought, this very enlightened man of good will, like most men, women, well-meaning organizations, and governments, has it the wrong way ‘round.

I went on to explain why his thinking is actually counter-productive. Why empowering women is more like the FIRST thing we should focus on doing if we want to create that more egalitarian, just, less violent future we long for. It all has to do with our biology.  Read the full essay here: 


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  1. Many important visionary ideas to think about. A daring macro view of how to realistically pursue what has before seemed impossible–a world without war. Congratulations on this insightful work. A. B. Curtiss

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