AFWW and Nuclear Disarmament

August 26, 2009

AFWW has chosen to focus our attention on a handful of issues (out of the thousands possible) that we feel are the best “fulcrums” on which to focus efforts to bring an end to the practice of war. Each of these issues can be thought of as one of the battlefields in our campaign for lasting change. One of our chosen focus areas is Nuclear Disarmament, and so from time to time, we’ll post relevant information about ND on the blog. This is our first entry:

The International Student Movement of the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) holds student conferences. Here is their latest notice:

The 20th European Student Conference of the IPPNW

Welcome to the IPPNW ESC in Oslo 2010!

The Norwegian student affiliate of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War would like to welcome you to the 20th IPPNW European Student Conference in Oslo, 8. – 11. April 2010.

We have already started planning the event, and will be launching our web page shortly. Here you will find more information about the conference, including a registration form.

We look forward to seeing you in Oslo next year!

The link to the conferece page is http://www.oslo2010.org/

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