You Count

July 15, 2009

Your voice, your actions, your participation counts. How do we make a change from cultures deeply entangled financially in the behavior of war to societies committed to ending war? What can you do?

  • Use Word-Of-Mouth (and the pie charts showing U.S. spending, which are explained and discussed in a previous post entitled “Budgeting and War”) to let others know how crazily out of balance budgeting priorities of a well-meaning country can be.
  • Commit yourself to the vision of a future without war, because in that commitment lies the seeds of your thoughts and actions.
  • Join and support a group—like Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) or Earth Institute or Center for Global Development (CGD) or Global Marshal Plan, or some of the other 19 groups listed on the AFWW website—groups focused on making our spending priorities match the goal we want to reach – a just, warless and less violent, and ecologically sustainable future. Begin your search for a group to support here:  http://www.afww.org/links_soe.html
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