Who Profits?

July 15, 2009

To abolish war, we must prevail over its causes. We can lay a solid foundation of good works: for example, attacking poverty, empowering women, establish and actually using internationally recognized bodies to resolve disputes based on laws, fostering a global sense of family and oneness.  Ultimately, though, it will come down to money.  Want to know who the top fifteen weapons sellers are?

The top fifteen biggest sellers of weapons in the world in 2008, in descending order *
• Russia
• Germany
• France
• UK
• Spain
• Netherlands
• Italy
• China
• Israel
• Belgium
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Ukraine
• Canada

* List taken from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 2009: http://armstrade.sipri.org/arms_trade/toplist.php

Let us not be naïve. When the world’s people begin to seriously choke off the money flow at the highest level by ceasing to support wars with their taxes or their bodies, the struggle will grow seriously dangerous. Courage will be required and tested.

Those who profit most will fight with every possible legal, and illegal, means. Manufacturers, sellers, buyers, middlemen bankers, heads of government. To see the face of war’s most determined supporters and peace’s most deadly opponents, follow the money. Money undergirds the urge to power and domination that is the very heartbeat of all war mongers.

The hope of the world is that there is a thing more powerful than the forces of greed and power-lust—the world’s people when united.

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