“Why Women Should Rule the World” Book Review

June 24, 2008

Review by Judith L. Hand, April 2008

A lot of people on this planet say they long for a more just, less violent, and more ecologically sustainable future. If that’s the goal, women are humanity’s greatest untapped resource. To that end, we need many more books like the one Dee Dee Myers, former press secretary to U.S. President Bill Clinton, has crafted.

Why Women Should Rule the World is a delightful and occasionally uncomfortable exploration of male/female differences, especially as they relate to women in leadership roles. As the author points out, men and women are not unequal, with one sex superior to the other, but neither are they the same. Myers makes a strong case for the urgent need to get women, with their proclivities for communication, conciliation, and consensus building, into more leadership positions. Read the full Book Review online at www.afww.org.

Judith L. Hand is a published novelist under her name and the nom de plume Judith Leon and the creator of a website on the subject of war (www.AFutureWithoutWar.org). She completed her Ph.D. degree in Animal Behavior at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1979, her subfields being ornithology and primatology. After completing a Smithsonian post-doctoral Fellowship in Washington, D.C., she taught briefly at UCLA and published on communication and conflict resolution. Currently, in addition to writing fiction, she writes, speaks, and networks to promote understanding of why and how we can abolish war.

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