Calls for More Women in Politics in Zimbabwe

August 10, 2007

Although Amnesty International reports increasing political repression for Zimbabwan women, the NGO, Women in Politics Support Unit (WIPSU), is leading a campaign to achieve gender parity in choosing candidates for office. The campaign is called Fifty:Fifty and the current effort is “to audit the constitutions and manifestos of all political parties,” said Rutendo Hadebe, the WIPSU director. “We want to see if they have any policies on equality in decision-making; if they have any clear policies on how they ensure that women politicians also participate equally in terms of decision-making, including within the political parties themselves.” Currently, 22.2 percent of political offices are held by women in Zimbabwe, including five female ministers in a cabinet of 53; 24 of the country’s 150 parliamentarians are women; two of its 10 provincial governors are women, and of a total of 305 councillors in urban areas, 43 are female. (EW, SD) IRIN-Humanitarin News and Analysis, 27 July 2007.

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