A New Generation of Students Begin the Work for Peace

August 10, 2007

On October 19th and 20th, The Student Peace Alliance will hold its first Student Peace Alliance National Conference, hosted by Brandeis University. Their theme is: Our Generation Calls for Peace.

Featured speakers are Betty Williams Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1977 for organizing work through Community for Peace People, to promote peaceful solutions to the violent conflict in Northern Ireland. Arun Gandhi – Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. Trish Jones – A leader in the field of peace and conflict resolution education and President of the Conflict Resolution Association (CRA). Will Spencer – Coordinated the National Peace Academy Campaign that lead to the establishment of the United States Institute of Peace.

There will be experts in diverse fields from the Arts and Peace, School and Gang Violence, and the Economics of Peace. The hippies of the 1960’s wanted world peace but thought that all you needed was love. This generation knows that hard work will be required and they are rolling up their sleeves to do it. (EW, EYM, FC, PNCR, SOE). The Peace Alliance Newsletter, 2 August 2007.

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