The Threat of Global Warming – A Cause that Can Unite Us

May 4, 2007

In the classic movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a spaceman comes to earth accompanied by a fearsome robot, Gort. By the end of the film we learn that the spaceman is a messenger from all spacefaring worlds and he brings the earth’s people a message. These worlds have resolved and agreed to ensure that no planet is allowed to exist that will not renounce war. They will not tolerate war to be brought off-world. And Gort is a kind of galactic policeman they have created to enforce this edict. Unless humans stop making war, the spaceman tells the world’s best minds just before he leaves and leaves Gort behind, Gort will destroy earth. The message of the movie is that it may take a dire threat from without to unite humanity at last. As we now concede, unless we unite to shift our economies in ways the decrease the production of greenhouse gasses, our civilizations as we know them will collapse. Millions of people will be displaced and in urgent need for basic necessities, diseases will spread, the oceans will wither. Perhaps by uniting to prevent such a catastrophe, we will find better things to do with our resources than fight enormously expensive and destructive wars. Maybe Global Warming will be our Gort, that threat that unites us. If you would like to add your concerned voice to the signatures of politicians, business leaders, and ordinary citizens around the globe, visit and sign at http://www.nextgenerationearth.org. (PSO, SOE).
Time Magazine, 19 March 2007, Jeffry D. Sachs, “A Climate for Change”

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