Muslims in Southern California Unite to Foster Unity

May 4, 2007

Leading Southern California Muslims, including prominent Shiite and Sunni clerics, recently signed of “code of honor” offering strategies for overcoming and preventing disharmony in the Muslim community. Important provisions are: 1) no one should use, spread, or tolerate takfir (judging others Muslims as nonbelievers), 2) all should respect the people, places, and events that other Muslims recognize, even if they disagree, 3) scholarly groups should examine Muslim history, creed, and laws to further better understanding and reconciliation, and 4) U.S. Muslims should work to stress their commonalities (see full text at http://www.mpac.org). This reconciliation effort began at the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, and it is hoped that adoption of the code and the efforts a harmony will spread. AFWW hopes it will spread globally. (FC)
Los Angeles Times, 23 April 2007, Rebecca Trounson, “Area Muslims Promote New Code of Unity.”

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