Arab and U.S. Women Scientists Build a Network

May 4, 2007

On 8-10 January 2007 at the Arab Organization Headquarters Building in Kuwait, a group of more than 200 scientists and engineers from 18 nations in the Middle East and Northern Africa and a delegation of about 20 from the United States held a landmark forum—and virtually all participants were women. The conference was under the patronage of Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al Mohammed Al Ahmed Al Sabah and organized by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and several other organizations, including the U.S. State Department and AAAS (The American Organizations for the Advancement of Science). In February 2007, a symposium on the role of women and innovation in the Arab world was held at the AAAS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Said one of the opening address speakers in Kuwait: women “are becoming an important asset” to the development of Kuwait, and “We want more women to take part in the developmental process of the nation through their contributions to the society on firmly rational grounds…” Arab women in great numbers are seeking advanced degrees in many Arab countries…but they face huge hurdles afterward. Many Arab women had never experienced anything like the Kuwait conference and the contacts made there will enable women of the east and west to connect on many levels. (EW, FC)
Science, 23 February 2007, Becky Ham, “Arab, U.S. Women Scientists Build Network at Landmark Kuwait Forum.”

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