Democracy in Action – An “Immediate-Action Alert” and a Long-term Goal

April 10, 2007

<P>If you live in California, here’s something extraordinarily easy you can do to advance the campaign to end war: lend your support to the establishment of a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence. For maximum effect, you need to act within the next few days. If you live outside California, don’t feel left out. You can contact your own Congressperson and Senators, now and frequently.</P>Danielle Gram

<P>The Goal is to urge California Senator Barbara Boxer to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill in the Senate to authorize the establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence by having at least 1000 postcards and hundreds of phone calls reach the Senator immediately.</P>

<P>This movement is well under way. In San Diego and across the country there are growing numbers of local chapters of the DOP movement. And perhaps most exciting, young people are getting involved. Danielle Gram, a San Diego high school student recently took postcards for Senator Boxer with her to school. If you want to read something exciting and encouraging, read Danielle’s e-mail to her fellow DoP supporters describing her experience with sharing her enthusiasm with her fellow students. Feel free to forward her letter to friends who could use encouragement.</P>

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